After passing through the entrance gate, the Garden starts with a wide boulevard featuring a series of Ramayana statues. Adjacent to the largest Kumbakarna-Laga statue is the Bali Treetop Adventure Park on your left. If you continue up the hill, you will pass a large planting of conifers (gymnosperms) on your left before you get to a congregation of the Garden’s key areas including the orchid display (Taman Anggrek), cactus greenhouse, aquatic garden, Rhododendron garden, fern garden, main office, herbarium and library, all about 800 metres from the front entrance.

Continuing up the hill, you will pass the medicinal plant collection (Taman Usada) on your right and a further 400 metres up the hill, at the top of the circuit road is a giant fig tree believed to be hundreds of years-old.

Other areas of interest include a rainforest trail located just behind the Treetop Adventure Park, the conservatory, carnivorous plants and begonia house which is 250 metres on your right when first enter the garden and the bamboo collection which you will pass on your way to the ethnobotany guesthouse.

Also at the ethnobotany guesthouse are great views to Bratan crater lake on a clear day and a small ethnobotany museum.

For those looking for a walk on the wild side, a ring-road containing secondary forest can be accessed by foot starting from just below the ethnobotany guesthouse. No vehicles are permitted in this area but the trail is available for walkers. Allow 90-minutes to walk the full circuit which is bitumised and quite steep in parts. It is recommended that you take drinking water with you and protection from the elements.

Toilets are scattered around the garden including near the entrance gate and adjacent to the main office on the hill. Several gazebos are also strategically placed in the event of inclement weather.

Lunch is available at the Bali Treetop Adventure Park and snacks can also be bought in the souvenir shop located in the main car park.

Further information on garden attractions is available at the Information Centre located near the main entrance.